Single projector setup w/swivel chair using a curved screen!

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Projector in use is a Dell s300 short throw PJ .51 distance : Gaming rig is a AMD CPU 8750 black edition, ATI 5750 video card, Windows 7 64bit, 6 gig mem.

This is still in testing stage, I'll be trying the single display setup soon, the seat should be around 5 feet from the screen, all depends on the size I get and if I can fit it on the screen.  Now what I've used was 1 1/4 pipe for the seat and adjustable elbow which tighten by an allen wrench. In the pic you will see some weights for support on the seat just so it's doesn't fall backwards. The canvas came in at 9x16 and I cut it to 4'8x15, Distance from the left pole and right is 10 ft.  Soon I will find out if this will work with First Person Shooters!!

If all go's well I will put up a video or some more pic's with images.



Hello There!

Congratulation... Nice project an we are wating for the video and pics.

Just one question... Yor Nthusim software works fine with Windows 7 64bit ?

Because they don´t suport 64 bit so far.

Thanks and regards


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