Great tool nthusim

Visual 7x3 Meters r= 5 Meters using nthusim for best results
Visual 7 x 3 m, radius = 5 m, 180°-View 3x Acer S1200 Beamer digital Triplehead2go Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 dual-GPU graphics card features 1792MB of memory

nthusim is a very great tool! With SOL7 the adjustments were tricky and I had about 3 hours for do it.
nthusim is very easy to use. To adjust my screen I needed less than 1 hour with a much better result! The bold lines will help you for do this.

Thanks to the whole team for this great tool!!


Thanks Ronny ..... looking forward to more pics!

Looking good! I'm excited to see more NTHUSIM+ builds in the setups. I look forward to more pics! smiley


Hey Ronny,

this is nearly the same setup ,as the one i'm building.

Screen: 6x1,5m curved Polycarbonat

3x Acer S1200, Th2Go, i7@4GHz, GTX285 (2GB)

How did you manage to get 180°, because everybody says, FSX only allows 107° in Zoom 0,3 ?

I bought another 2 Acers, and I will try with a second PC and WideView.


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