Blacktop Nationals 2011 Flight Demo

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3x Optoma GT720, Intel i7 930, EVGA E762 mobo, 6GB DDR3 memory, 2x AMD 5870 E6 video cards.

This event was a collaboration with the Kansas Aviation Museum, Nu-Tek and NTHUSIM. KAM supplied the booth space and Nu-Tek provided the flight simpit and booth staffing for the event. Blacktop Nationals was 10am-10pm Friday-Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday (Aug 26-28, 2011) at the Century II Convention center in Wichita, KS. This was the first time I had supplied my own booth truss, so there are a few new unknowns to this build and tare-down I had to work through. (I'm still processing the pics and video for the event. More setup content to be posted later this weekend.)


Looks Sweet!

I posted some video on the F-35 webpage at

Networked air combat at the Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita, Kansas

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