NTHUSIM v3.2: Windows 8 support

Today we are pleased to release NTHUSIM version 3.2!

What's new in this release?

  • Windows 8 Support!
  • Diagnostics Page!
  • Bug Fixes!

Windows 8

NTHUSIM now supports Windows 8.

Okay, so maybe not the ARM version of Windows 8, but you're not really looking to warp your phone, right?

Both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 8 are supported. DirectX 11.1 is not supported yet, but it's coming. Also, if you find an application that uses it, please let us know :)

Maybe not all of you are in a rush to get into the world of touch-mania Windows 8. At least you know you can if you want to!

Diagnostics Page

The "Diagnostics" page is available in the tools menu. It will spit out some useful information like which displays are connected where. You'll probably not need this page, but its there in case it is needed.

Bug Fixes

There are several other smaller improvements:

  • There is a particular issue with saving and loading of configuration files that this release fixes!
  • Enabling or disabling blends won't reset the geometry anymore!
  • Supports Fast-user-switching!
  • Pops up a message when the 10 minute trial runs out
  • Maps won't spill out onto other projectors anymore if you drag them too far!


Shape NTHUSIM to be the way you want it and participate in the next-gen forum!


The Plus edition supports multiple projectors. Download Plus edition (3.8 MB).

The Standard edition supports a single projector. Download Standard edition (3.8 MB).

NTHUSIM software will run in demo mode until activated. Log in to view your activations.

Thank you for being a part of the community!

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